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User Assistance Tools Survey
in Progress

The annual User Assistance Tools Survey is now in progress.
The survey is designed to give you information drawn specifically from the user assistance community. Please consider contributing your experiences. Results will be publicly available on the WritersUA site.

Joe Welinske Webinar

How to Craft Your User Assistance to Accommodate a Variety of Interaction Types.

For those who missed it, have no fear, click here!

Chapter Operations

We are a chapter that shares information. There is no magic, power, or benefit in keeping secrets.

Some of our information is primarily of interest to members. In such cases, we ask that you contact a member of the chapter's administrative council, let him or her know that you are a member, and say what you want to know. We'll get you an answer.

Our Themes

It's about employment, education, and networking.

Why? Because we are a professional association. That implies that we work for a living, and too many of our members are out of work (or feel that their jobs are regularly threatened). So employment issues are very important issues to us. Education and networking support employment.

It's about doing the good for the community.

STC is a public benefit corporation, a "501(c)3." By law, by charter, and by the nature of our members' characters, we want to have a positive effect on the communities in which we live.

Program of Work

Each year, we determine what we want to accomplish. It's based on member input — what members say they want and how members react to what we've done.

Contact the secretary for a copy of the most recent Program of Work.


Download a copy of our current bylaws.

Budget & Financial Reporting

In order to handle the members' money responsibly, we develop a budget each year. It's based on member input. The numbers reflect the limited amount of money we receive in dues rebates from the international STC and the money we raise from our own fundraisers. At each meeting, we report the state of the bank accounts. Our accounting reports are open to members all the time.

Contact the treasurer for a copy of the current budget.

Board Minutes

The chapter's Administrative Council (which we sometimes call "The Board") meets monthly by telephone conference. Members are welcome to attend, and we can supply you with the phone number and PIN.


STC has determined that each chapter should go through a simple process called "rechartering." Although the Sacramento Metro Chapter hasn't yet been asked to recharter, we are working on a preliminary document. It's based on member input.


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STC advances the theory and practice of technical communication across all user abilities and media so that both businesses and customers benefit from safe, appropriate, and effective use of products, information, and services.


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